HOLA Method

HOLA HEALING is a method of psycho-energetic help which uses traditional and modern healing practices to activate inner capacity of self-healing and rebalancing which every one of us already has. This is a holistic approach that uses different energetical and personal transformation techniques that work on emotional, mental and spiritual level. HOLA Method focuses on a person’s whole being: his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. The treatment is into more of the lifestyle of the person, his/her belief system, thought patterns, habits and emotions. That is why every HOLA Method treatment is fully adjusted to the client’s individual needs-every person is different and so is every treatment. That is why HOLA therapist makes a custom healing plan for every client.

Specific goal of every HOLA treatment is revitalization of the vital energy flow, removing the blockages and regaining lost balance on every level (body, mind, spirit). HOLA treatments are conducted by HOLA therapists and there are several different ways of conducting a treatment:

HOLA Bodywork (energetic massage)

The body and all of its functions are the voice of the Soul. During an energetic massage the therapist works on the muscles as well as on the energy flow in the body (tracing the energy flow through meridians and chakras). The therapist works intuitively using various techniques, depending on what the client needs. This brings physical relaxation as well as mental. Feelings may be released which helps to restore balance in the body, mind and emotions. Once the energy starts flowing again a client will notice that he/she feels more joyful, relaxed and at peace with him/herself.

IHT (Intensive HOLA Treatment)

This integrative practice uses several psycho-energetic techniques. It is conducted by two HOLA therapists which facilitates quicker results and deeper energetic effects of the treatment. This highly intensive treatment revitalizes vital energy flow (Chi, Ki, Prana, Sila…), removing the blockages and regaining body-mind-spirit balance. On a bodily level, it promotes detoxification, relieves muscle stiffness and fatigue, relaxes the body, increases energy levels. It also relaxes the mind thereby reducing depression, stress and anxiety.

IHT encompasses different techniques which are applied according to the client’s individual needs: holistic counseling, Bach Flower remedies, crystal therapy, color therapy, aromatherapy, bio frequency work.

Duration of the IHT is approximately 2 hours.

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