Light energy of life living light energy - SEKHEM
Ancient Egyptian energy techniques also known as called Egyptian Reiki.
An ancient Egyptian energy healing and protection technique. Here, among other things, we will encounter the Violet flame technique, the Golden flame technique, harmonizing the hara line and connecting with the Akashic chronicle. This is one of the stronger energy treatments and I recommend it to people who have already done some of these types of treatments. The treatment works on all levels as well as on the emotional body. Eliminates anxiety associated with fears. It deepens self-awareness and helps us recognize the negative beliefs we have. It will help you walk through life more easily.
These techniques open the door to new insights and work on the subconscious. The most important thing is letting go of what we no longer need without fear of losing something and thus a part of ourselves. Sekhmet is one of the Goddesses who help in these treatments and healing.
 Price and duration: 60 min ………………………………………….. 7000 dinars
 To whom I recommend the treatment:
  • to people who want to improve their intuition
  • to people who want to get rid of fears, uncertainties, old beliefs that lead to anxiety to people with emotional problems
  • to people who need to restore strength and energy (exhaustion, weakness, fatigue) people with severe stomach problems
  • to people who are in demanding positions (jobs), under chronic tension
  • and, of course, to anyone who feels the need

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